Hinge & Co


A brand new eatery located in Auckland’s rural south, Hinge and Co was a tender we won through our great relationship with a major Auckland construction company. The restaurant features indoor and outdoor dining spaces, allowing customers the choice to enjoy either the rustic and cozy interior, or the greenery of the surrounding countryside.

BRP Electrical completed the supply and installation of power, lighting, and distribution services for the restaurant. We worked with the architects to execute their design, including installing and wiring the brand new distribution board, ensuring the entire space’s electrical requirements would be met.

The audio-visual design was supplied by Wavefront, and communicated to us via a series of working drawings from which we installed the system. We ensured to make the installation look presentable resulting in a seamless fit with the overall design of the restaurant.

We also supplied and installed the entire emergency lighting plan, complying to regulations with a view of keeping the restaurant safe and enjoyable for all future staff and patrons.