At BRP, when we take on a job, we care that you get exactly what you want – even if ‘exactly what you want’ isn’t always clear at the get go — but that’s what we’re here for.

Want to get the most out of us? Peruse our past projects and involve us as early as possible in the game. That’s what our clients do for maximum peace of mind. From there on out, we’ll take care of things, keep in touch with all the other sub contractors involved — this makes all the difference, allowing for all puzzle pieces to fit and come together faultlessly. Better yet, knowing what everyone else on site is doing often allows for a job to finish early or on time — for this to happen the lines of communication need to be open. And that’s exactly how we like it.


Some of our recent projects include:



Public Bar

Ghost Donkey

Poni Room

CHT Halldene

Unserhaus Showroom

Anytime Fitness

North Shore OMS

Whitford New Build

Shortland Health

Andrew Simms

Hudsons's Coffee

Northland New Build

Karaka Orthodontics

Cleaver & Co

Little District

Hinge & Co